Workshop on Flavor Symmetries

Dortmund, 30 June 2012 – 4 July 2012

Social Events

This page contains information about the social events that are part of the FLASY12 workshop, including ExtraSchicht and the conference dinner.


ExtraSchicht is taking place on the evening of the 30th June 2012. It's a cultural festival that is about the transformation of the old industrial heritage of the cities of the Ruhr region into something new. Hundreds of artistic events will be taking place at dozens of monuments of the industrial history of the region. The venues will be spread out all over the Ruhr metropolis.

The Ruhr region is Germany's largest urban area, the fourth largest in Europe (after Moscow, London and Paris). It stretches 70 km from east to west, 120 km from north to south and is home to about 5.2 million people. While people have lived here since the Middle Ages (Dortmund was first mentioned in offical documents in 880), the Ruhr region experienced an explosive growth during the industrial revolution and it became Germany's most important industrial region in the 19th century. It was home to countless coal mines, steel plants and other manufacturing plants.

After the 1970s, the Ruhr region experienced a steep economic decline, as more and more of the iconic industrial companies of the region shrunk and vanished. The region has undergone a transformation from an economy based on iron and steel to one based on the service industry, high technology and research.

The ExtraSchicht ticket enables you to go to any of the ExtraSchicht events taking place on 30 June 2012. It also includes free public transportation between the sites using a shuttle bus service as well as all public buses and trains. A catalog of all the events as well as maps and instructions on how to use the buses and trains can be found in your conference package.

A good point to start the tour is the former building of the Dortmunder Union brewery. Its landmark "U" sign on top of the building is visible from nearly everywhere in Dortmund. It's located right next to the conference venue.

We have also prepared a number of great ExtraSchicht tours you can choose from along with information to make it easy to get to the venues. Download the PDF file here.

Picture rights / Bildnachweise von oben nach unten:
Ruhr Tourismus / Nielinger
Ruhr Tourismus / Nielinger
ExtraSchicht2008_JahrhunderthalleBO / Sascha Kreklau
Bergbaumuseum / Olaf Ziegler

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner is going to be on the evening of Tuesday, June 3rd at the Hövels Hausbrauerei, Hoher Wall 5. The location is also marked on the map. It is within walking distance of the conference venue and most hotels.